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Freshers with good looks always have one question -

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


Answer -A portfolio is the most important tool you will have before you start your career as a model. Once you are picked to star in ad campaigns & ramp shows on the basis of your portfolio, & you have proved yourself, then your work will speak for itself. But in order to get picked for that 1st big break, you need a portfolio that can showcase your potential. You need to trust only a professional photographer who has experience in the modeling industry to help you with creating a portfolio that makes you look like a million will not be in a position to reach out to various fashion & production houses when you are looking to make a career in modelling, but your portfolio can. So ensure that you spend some time, energy & money on working towards creating a professional portfolio & you will not be disappointed. Happy & Safe Modelling Guys :)

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